Saturday, March 27, 2010

And then there were three....... there are three! Carmen has joined Austin and Braden in the ballplaying!! Let's see...3 schedules, sets of uniforms to wash, gloves, helmets, cleats, batting gloves, equipment bags, X 3!!! But also 3 times the fun! On Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, we only had 8 games between the three of them. Austin had 2 on Tuesday, Braden had 2 and Austin 1 on Friday, and Braden had 1 and Carmen 2 on Saturday. (And Austin was scheduled 2 more but they were cancelled.) They all 3 played great! I am proud of them. So if I look a little more frazzled than usual (if that is possible) for the next several will know why.

Here is Carmen at her 1st game!

Getting a little help from Mom so she can get a little batting practice.

Go Austin! Go Braden! Go Carmen! And go, go, go the rest of the family as we run everywhere trying to make as many of the games as we can!

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  1. Wow - love the picture!! Good Luck this season getting to all the games. Have Fun!!