Saturday, March 27, 2010

And then there were three....... there are three! Carmen has joined Austin and Braden in the ballplaying!! Let's see...3 schedules, sets of uniforms to wash, gloves, helmets, cleats, batting gloves, equipment bags, X 3!!! But also 3 times the fun! On Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, we only had 8 games between the three of them. Austin had 2 on Tuesday, Braden had 2 and Austin 1 on Friday, and Braden had 1 and Carmen 2 on Saturday. (And Austin was scheduled 2 more but they were cancelled.) They all 3 played great! I am proud of them. So if I look a little more frazzled than usual (if that is possible) for the next several will know why.

Here is Carmen at her 1st game!

Getting a little help from Mom so she can get a little batting practice.

Go Austin! Go Braden! Go Carmen! And go, go, go the rest of the family as we run everywhere trying to make as many of the games as we can!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Made it Five Years!!!!

Well...I finally did it. I carried Carmen to get her hair cut. With the boys, when that one year rolled around...I felt like I had to cut their hair...curls or not. So when we had a girl, I decided I was going to let her hair grow. But we were way overdue. It had gotten so many different lengths and would look stringy so.....

Here is the BEFORE...


and AFTER!!!!

So far, there have been less tangles to deal with and it fits my "sassy" little girl!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's "Snow" Much Fun!!!!!

It is fun now being off for the come May when we are making up these days and I am wanting to be off for the summer, it will be a different story!
The snow is beautiful when it is so clean and white and not messed up! Here are a few shots from the front and back of our house.
Braden and Carmen played some in the house before we ventured outside. Braden played a little basketball in our "gym"... also know as our house! (He is actually in the air...I cut his feet off in the picture!)
Carmen is so "deprived"...she only has 20+ Barbies!!!!!
Then we headed outside. By the time we got out there it was melting pretty fast, but I think they still had fun.
Here is our dog, Trooper, eating some of the snow!
Braden built a fort. Carmen helped by delivering some snow for him to use.
Austin's neighborhood friends were calling early this morning saying they were bored and wanted him to come over. I asked him wouldn't he rather spend "quality time with his mother" but for some reason he chose to go to his friends' house. Go figure! But they did end back up at the house playing none other! What else do you do when it snows???
For some son decides to wear his baseball catcher's mask under his hood to play for a while! Just being silly... was nice to have a "break in the action" at the Tuten household.