Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh "Deer"!!!!!!

My Proud Hunters!!!! boys are addicted just like some other hunters around here! There is just something about getting up at 3 something in the morning, going out in the cold, and sitting there waiting for a deer. Not sure what that something is, but there is something! Now getting up to go shopping.....different story! :0) But anyway, Terry (with Braden right along beside him) got an 8 point about a week and a half ago and Austin got a 6 point this morning. This was Austin's first buck. He got a doe when he was around 11 with a bow but this was the first buck. Now Braden is itching to get one. Terry just picked up the meat from his yesterday and loaded it into the freezer and then Austin got his today. So we should be stocked up for a while!
The picture at the top and this one are of Austin's 6 point deer.
This is a picture of Terry's 8 point deer. (Braden was beside him and I think Braden was more thrilled than Terry.) Notice Carmen is in this picture and I thought, "Oh no, she doesn't have a bow! And I am not talking about a shooting bow...I am talking.....a bow in her hair!" That doesn't happen often with us in a picture!!!! :0)
I think they have "Buck Fever!"

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay....we are again having some type of fundraiser. This time it is for Austin's Baseball Team. It is an Antiquities picture done in sepia tone of your child. They supply the clothing, props, etc. It is a $10.00 donation and you receive a 10 x 13. Of course, you will have the option of buying different packages but are not obligated to. Our team gets the $10.00 just for you buying the coupon. The more people that actually have it done....the more money our team receives also. The pictures are going to be made November 21st at Owens in the Art room. If you can, please help us out. Just comment back and I will get you the information you need. I am going to try to paste this url to the website so you can see some of the examples. Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you! :0)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Rough Week for Braden....and Us!

It has been a rough week for Braden....and for the rest of us....worrying about him. He had a place on his knee (where he had fallen on concrete about 2 weeks ago) to end up getting infected. I thought it had healed but it must not have and just ended up a mess. He had a bump to come up on it that hurt. Then he got tripped at school and fell on it. From there on...we started our trips to the doctor. Our school nurse thought it was infected, and we went off for trip number 1. He ended up putting him on an antibiotic and culturing it for Staph. was Staph. Okay...maybe the antibiotic will do it. Well..the next day it looked worse. But after trip number 2, the doc decided maybe we were on the right track. Well.....
Day 3...this started happening.

Day 4, it got worse and looked like this.....and he ran a fever at one point of 101.4. It finally started draining some after this picture.

Then....Day 5....this is what it looked like.

Day looked AWFUL!!! I guess we failed to get a picture.
Day started looking a little better. Trip number 3 to the doctor.
Now...another problem. Braden's face had started swelling. The doc sent us to the hospital to get some blood work done. Well...later on that night, Braden had broken out in a rash to go along with the swelling. By this time, I am on the computer looking for allergic reactions to the medicine among other things. By the time I got to talk to the doctor about 11:30 p.m. he had already developed hives, also. Benadryl time! Thankfully, it helped. We were close to having to visit the ER. Kodak moment after blood work. See how his cheeks are red and his face swollen....(It may be hard to tell in the was dark and I took it in the van.)
Now we are assuming Braden is allergic to sulfa. The bloodwork looked great (thankfully) so now we have changed his antibiotic and hope we are on the right track. His knee is looking better and has started peeling now.
He is still broken out and still having some issues with the hives or something. This is what it looked like on Tuesday night. This is on his outer thigh. It started out clustered and spread apart. Weird....
We hope and pray we are on the right track now. It has definitely been a rough week for all of us!

Trick or Treat!

Well, Halloween has come and gone again, but we all had fun. We just have a tradition that when we trick or treat, we end up at my parents house or as I call them more now because of the kids...."Meemaw and Papaw's" house. We meet out there and she usually has chili and beef stew and all kinds of goodies to eat! Just about every year my kids are just ready to get to Meemaw and Papaw's house. Here are a few pictures of our Halloween this year.

Braden and Carmen before the "big haul." Braden was a hunter and Carmen was a ballerina.
Carmen and "one of her moves."

Braden "taking aim!"
Braden aka "The Hunter"; Carmen aka "The Ballerina",
Layton aka "Spiderman", and Landon aka "Tractor Farmer!" (That is what he called it!)

Carmen had a party at Preschool on Friday. We left her hair down that day and then put it up on Halloween.