Friday, August 21, 2009

One fall too many!!!!

Concrete + Cell Phone = DISASTER poor little phone hit the concrete too many times. The last time I dropped it.....well......this is what it looked like....
So...this is the new one.
Out with the old and in with the new! This seems to be a trend with me and usually it is because I have dropped it...AGAIN! Oh well....that is what keeps them in business, I guess.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Party then...Back to School

My mama had a birthday this past weekend. Here is a picture of mama and daddy with the grandkids. Happy birthday, Meemaw!

Well...farewell summer...hello school days! Carmen started preschool today and the rest of us had to go back also. My baby is old enough to start preschool. She was so excited and loved it! Braden ended up being excited too! Austin...well...I don't think excited is the correct word as you can see in the picture. Plus he wasn't thrilled at the idea at all of me making him take the picture. Notice I didn't even put my picture on there of my reaction.....need I say more? You might could say excited was not really the word for my return either!!!! Oh well...back to the rat-race!!!! maybe I am caught up on my posts!

Beach Trip 2009--Farewell to Summer Break

We had a wonderful time while we were at the beach. We enjoyed spending time together and did alot of family things together while we were there. I had put our family beach pictures off until the last part of our trip. I had planned for us to do the "khaki and white" family pictures on Saturday or Sunday but since we returned early as stated in the other post, we didn't get to do them. (But I will give those up anyday in exchange for the opportunity of us getting back to see Granny before she passed away.) As most of you know, I put things off, so that is what I get for putting it off to the latter part of the week. Most of my family didn't want to do them anyway, but I did. I had just told them to not give me a problem about it. It was just something that we were going to do. Needless to say...they weren't too disappointed that we didn't get to take them. I do have a "few" other pictures of while we were there. :0) This was Carmen's first trip to the beach. I was pregnant with her the last time we went to the beach.

We stopped at Peach Park for the "traditional" pics with the horse! It is amazing to see how the kids have grown each time.

Carmen striking a pose on the beach.

A little souvenier picture with Braden.

Austin enjoying the ocean!

Yes....she was able to walk again after we left!!!

Ahhhhh....breakfast on the balcony!

A little pool fun for all 3 of them.
A couple of my favorites...God has blessed us with these three and a beautiful sunset!!!!

They got a "little" wet on the bumper boats at The Track! maybe she was a little tired!!!!!!

Terry had to try to make the best shot any way he could!

A couple of last shots from the balcony before we head home!

The good....and the bad.....

It has been a whirlwind these past 2 weeks! We were ending the summer break with a wonderful trip to the beach! We had a great time until, as some of you know, returned home a little early because of the very saddening news that my mother-in-law wasn't well at all. We left a couple of days early and returned home Saturday night between 9:30 and 10:00, went straight to the nursing home, and then she passed away at about 3:00 that next morning. I am glad we got back. She is much better off but selfishly, we are going to miss her. Here is a picture of Granny and my kids just last November around Thanksgiving. She really went down this past year. I am proud of the time we had with her and that all 3 of my kids got to know their Granny. She was 88. So what started out as a happy time at the beach ended up as a sad time when we returned.