Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009 has been way tooooo long since I have posted. But anyway, here are some pictures from Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas and of course got more than we should have...but we had fun!

This is how we started out on Christmas morning before the wrapping paper went flying!

I ended up not taking an after picture to show the kids with all of their presents but I do have an individual of each. Here is Carmen getting her Barbie TV for her room.

Braden getting a new PSP. This is his 3rd one. His first one--the start button quit working. His second one--He bought with his own money. He laid it on the back of a friend's truck while playing basketball outside and forgot about it until 2 - 3 hours later and a trip to the school. We never found any part of it....not even a crushed one. It also had his favorite game which he had purchased. (Hard lesson to learn when it was his own $200!) Maybe the 3rd time is a charm!

Austin with his Ipod Touch.

Christmas Evening we went to my Mama and Daddy's...AKA Meemaw and Papaw. As usual we had a great time...lots of good food...lots of laughs....and just some good old family time. We got waaaaay too much from Meemaw and Papaw, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Braden and Austin are getting Columbia Alabama jackets in these pictures.

They gave Carmen the American Girl Doll...Samantha. She knew exactly what it was..."An American Girl!" I think you can tell from the pictures she was thrilled.

Some of the cousins enjoying a little game time.

A little "friendly" game of Tonk!

I didn't get pictures of :

the Pictionary Game which was males against females. This always causes an uproar! :0)

the passing of some gifts everytime Meemaw said right or left in the story she read. You should have seen some of the kids with this one. It was funny!
the family rendition of acting out the Twelve Days of Christmas. Tooooo funny!
Too bad I didn't have the video camera on these. They were hilarious!
We had fun. We have been very blessed and I hope you all have a wonderful 2010!