Sunday, October 25, 2009

GWO--Girls Weekend Out! :0)

Okay...I am finally posting our "Girls Weekend Out" pictures. Amber, Denise, and I enjoyed a few days in the Smoky Mountains over Fall Break. We left on Thursday and came home on Sunday. Our husbands surprised us with a trip just for the "girls". My first reaction was "No, I'm not going. I can't go." I have never done this before...leaving my kids and husband just for a pleasure trip! (I had only been one time and that was to a Reading Conference when Austin was little for a night or two and I believe I cried when I left!) I "teared" up when I would think about going for a while and then Terry told me that yes I was going. Well....I ended up not only going but deciding to take an extra day off and leave early that morning! While we were there we ate and shopped and ate and shopped and ate some more and shopped some more! :0) We also took out a little while and went to the picnic area on the road up to the Chimney Tops. It made us want to start a yearly tradition! (Actually...Denise said more like a quarterly tradition!)
The trees were not changing alot while we were there, but here they were some.
The tree really wasn't that high off the ground!
Wasn't it pretty????

Let's do a little climbing on the rocks. Be a little adventurous!

And speaking of adventurous.....
I believe at this point, I was thinking...should I???? And my dear friend Amber was saying, "If you fall in, we are not coming in after you!" :0) I decided I better stop where I was!

Yeah!!! We made it! I think about this time after our carefully chosen path out to the rock....we were seeing these 2 young boys jumping from rock to rock. But you know the difference is because they had on their tennis shoes and we were barefooted. That had to be the only difference, right??????

This is one of those times we were waiting to eat....again! This time...The Apple Barn.

This is how far we had to park to shop on Saturday. We wanted to shop pretty bad, didn't we?Yes, that is grass not pavement!

Thanks girls for a fun weekend, thanks to our husbands for our trip, and thanks to our kids and our families for helping us out and working together to allow us to go!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Braden is 9!!!

Today was Braden's 9th birthday. He celebrated yesterday when he and a friend (along with Carmen and me) made a day of it. We started out by going to Walmart and he picked a cookie cake to celebrate with. Then we went to eat and had the cookie cake for dessert. Then we headed bowling! It was fun. (I am so out of shape that I am sore today from bowling!) After bowling, we headed for a game of putt-putt. Then we went to Chick-fil-a for an ice cream cone. After that we went to Pet Depot and he picked out some fish for his birthday. It has been a while since we had some and he was wanting some for his birthday. But of course when we ended up getting home and getting the old aquarium cleaned and set up....lucky filter. I think packrat here actually threw some stuff away and threw away the last filter a while back. So back to Walmart I go last night about 9:00 to get a new filter. Now the fish are in their aquarium in their new home!

Here is another of his presents...the newest addition to his Magic Treehouse Book Collection.
This afternoon he had his baseball team party. They got another trophy and a shirt. On the back of their shirts it says, "Back to Back County Champions"
We still have to work in the family parties for Austin and Braden. That will just extend their birthdays and make them last a little longer I guess...huh? They both want to have a party with family! time flies....he's already 9. Happy Birthday, Braden. We love you!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy 14th...Austin!

Can you believe Austin is 14??? Today was his birthday. We had a lot going with school, basketball practice, baseball parent meeting, and a few other things....but did manage to work in opening a few presents and giving him his favorite cake--cheesecake!

Roll Tide! (one of the presents) you think he could wait tables?? Extra money!!!!

Here are a few pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with Austin's birthday, but I haven't posted in a while so....

Here is Carmen and her "best bud" Emma!

Surely Braden didn't really mean to be aggravating, did he????? :0)

Being silly.......

Just a couple of pictures of Braden, Carmen, Emma, and William.

(I believe some new jeans are in the future for Braden.
Look at those knees!)