Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Milestone--Preschool Graduation!!!!

Carmen graduated from Preschool Thursday Night. They had their program at McCandless Hall at Athens State. She did a great job in their program. She just sang and did all of the things she was supposed to do. I guess you could say I am a "Proud Mama!" She had a ball afterwards running around with her friends, also. Our pictures taken during the graduation were dark but here are some from afterwards. Look out we come!!!!!!!!

Carmen with her teacher...Mrs. Amy! Thanks Mrs. Amy for a wonderful, wonderful job this year and for taking such good care of my baby girl!

Carmen and some of "the girls". Too bad they can't stay together for Kindergarten! :0(

Carmen loves her Meemaw and Papaw!

I would have a picture of Carmen with her mama, daddy, and brothers on didn't quite turn out like I had hoped so.....I decided against it! :0(
Carmen with the twins....Olivia and Nora.

Rachel and Carmen (They are actually distant cousins. Rachel's grandmother and my mama were cousins and used to play together and then we found out Carmen and Rachel were friends and played together. We thought that was sweet!)
Jillian and Carmen--I thought it was cute that on the back of the program they put what the kids liked best about Pre-K. Carmen's was picking flowers outside. Jillian's was swinging with Carmen! Precious!!!!!
Carmen and Jackson
Carmen and Jake

Just a few pics afterwards around the campus.


  1. Cute pictures! We still have a few more weeks before Emma's graduation and I am holding on tight...I wish preschool lasted forever. Well, that's how I feel today at least. Some days I'm ready for them to move out already so I can watch a complete tv episode without interruption...but most days I want preschool to last forever.

  2. Wow!! I cannot believe that she will be in school next year. I love the pictures.

  3. I can't believe she's old enough for KG! That really hits home because Bryson is right behind her and I'm not ready for that:( Carmen is such a sweet little girl. I'm sure she was wonderful in her program!

  4. Time certainly flies by. It just seems like she was born. I know you are proud of her. Just remember not to cry on her first day of school.

  5. It's hard to believe it's that time! She's such a pretty girl!

  6. Time flies by!! Carmen is such a beautiful girl!! Hope she has a blast in Kindergarten!!!!